Sapphire Lift Pins and Rods

Sapphire lift pins are a superior alternative to quartz, alumina, and silicon carbide.   Sapphire, one of the hardest materials in existence, provides high mechanical strength under high temperatures and chemically harsh environments.

Size Range

Unlike materials grown by methods that require extensive post-growth machining, single-crystal pins are grown to "near-net" size, minimizing finishing costs.


Diameter Range MAX Part Length  
.050 - .125" (1.27x3.175mm) 12" (304.8mm)  
.125 - .290" (3.175x7.366mm) 18" (457.2mm)  
Data Sheets
Sapphire Tubes Rods

EFG Sapphire Tubes Product Data Sheet

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In this article, we outline the properties of sapphire and take a look at how Edge-Fed-Growth is enabling the production of large and complex sapphire

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