Industrial Sapphire Uses

To Meet the Challenge

Single Crystal Sapphire's optical, electrical, chemical resistance, high thermal conductivity, and mechanical properties make it a superior choice over quartz, alumina and other ceramic materials for hundreds of applications ranging from optical sapphire windows for aerospace sensor systems, chamber windows for semiconductor wafer processing, industrial systems/tools, and even in medical applications.  Frequently it is the combination of two or more properties that make sapphire the only material available to solve complex engineering design problems.

Laser Ablation Application image
A man wearing a bomb-proof helmet with shield
Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sapphire's extremely high fluorine plasma resistance AND lower particle generation make an excellent choice for semiconductor chamber windows for increased productivity and throughput, less maintenance due to reduced equipment downtime and reduced part inventory levels.

Sapphire single crystal structure (lack of grain boundaries) and high chemical stability result in high corrosion resistance.

Applications: HPD CVD, PECVD, Dry Etch, Wet Etch
Sapphire products
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Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser technology is used in photolithography, pulse laser deposition, laser ablation, eye surgery and in dye laser applications. Sapphire’s thermal conductivity and electrical insulator properties make it the ideal material in use as pre-ionizer corona tubes. Replacing alumina corona tubes with sapphire tubes will increase productivity and lower cost of operation.
Microwave - RF

Sapphire can support products ranging from plasma applicator tubes and plasma injector nozzles to RF transparent waveguide barriers. Sapphire can be used for microwave applications; from the heating of food products, and plasma generation, to radome systems.

Due to sapphire’s RF transparency, thermal conductivity, and high-temperature resistance, it is the ideal material of choice for products that require resistance to radiation damage in high-power microwave applications
plasma tube with coil with Sapphire
Armor Glass next to after test shot
Transparent Protective Windows

Ground vehicles and aircraft need protection to stop high-velocity projectiles from entering the cab and or cockpit. Sapphire protection is 50% thinner and lighter than glass alternatives while providing the same kinetic energy or stopping power performance. What's more, it offers better abrasion and chemical resistance to outside threats.

SAFirE transparent window solutions have been designed to meet a variety of threat levels at reduced weight and thickness, while also providing improved situational awareness in both the visual and infrared spectrums.
InfraRed Countermeasure Systems (IRCM)

Sapphire windows protect onboard imaging, sensing and targeting systems while allowing broadband transmission.

Sapphire aerospace window applications; Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) systems • Targeting systems • Reconnaissance and surveillance systems • Sight window

Our Sapphire windows provide durability and performance at levels that instill confidence in IRCM designers that their system will be second to none.
Window for Infrared Countermeasures
IR Sapphire Window in Gulfstream 450

Electro-optical / Infrared windows

Sapphire is compatible with Ultraviolet, Visible and mid-wave infrared sensors (UV-VIS-MWIR), and laser range-finding, spot tracking systems.  CLASS® Sapphire is used exclusively on commercial enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS), as well as imaging, reconnaissance, and targeting systems.

Finished CLASS® Sapphire EO/IR windows complete with anti-reflective coatings and heating / de-icing grid (optional).

Sapphire for Intraoperative Imaging

Sapphire transmits in the UV - visible - IR wavelengths, making ideal for Ablation Procedures and Cosmetic Laser Dermatology.

Sapphire is radiolucent; ideal for use in CT, MRI and other X-ray intraoperative imaging procedures, resulting in clear imagery, allowing enhanced diagnostic capability. Its high thermal conductivity allows for enhanced cooling for laser procedures.
Laser Ablation Application image
Data Sheets

Sapphire aerospace windows

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Data Sheets

Sapphire is ideal for the precise and demanding requirements of semiconductor manufacturing

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In this article, we outline the properties of sapphire and take a look at how Edge-Fed-Growth is enabling the production of large and complex sapphire

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