Sapphire Tubes

Open-end tubes, Plugged tubes, Capillary tubes, Shaped tubes

Offering a full range of Sapphire tubes with high mechanical strength to handle extreme pressure and meet a wide variety of demanding applications.

Our Sapphire tubes are used as a superior alternative to quartz, alumina, and silicon carbide in semiconductor processing applications.  In addition, our Sapphire tubes are used in various analytical instruments in lamp applications that transmit visible, infrared or ultraviolet light, often with high intensity at high temperatures and pressures. Potentially Sapphire tubes could be used as capillary needles for laser medicine as discussed in this Journal of Biomedical Optics article.

Semiconductor Processing applications: 

(HPD CVD, PECVD, Dry Etch, Wet Etch)

  • Plasma containment tubes
  • Plasma applicator tube
  • Process gas injector nozzles
  • Thermocouple protection sheath (Thermowell)
  • Water treatment/cleaning
  • Endpoint detector
  • Excimer Corona Tubes

Test and Analytical instruments:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • Thermo-optic temperature measurement
  • Inline petroleum processing analysis
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Biological and chemical sample analysis
  • Plugged tubes
  • Test tubes

Lamps and Lamp Envelopes applications:

  • Electronic Infra-Red countermeasures
  • Ultraviolet sterilization
  • Flashlamps
  • High-intensity lamps

Size Range

Unlike materials grown by methods that require extensive post-growth machining, single-crystal tubes are grown to "near-net" size, minimizing finishing costs.


Outer Diameter Range Standard Wall Thickness MAX Part Length
.060 - .090" (1.524x2.286mm) .010 - .025 (.254x0.635mm) 10" (254mm)
.091 - .275 (2.311x6.985mm) .025 - .040 (.635x1.016mm) 60" (1524mm)
.276 - .750" (7.01x19.05mm) .030 - .060" (.762x1.524mm) 60" (1524mm)
.751 - 1.250" (19.075x31.75mm) .050 - .090" (1.27x2.286mm) 60" (1524mm)
1.260 -1.750" (32.004x44.45mm) .060 - .090" (1.524x2.286mm) 25" (635mm)


Data Sheets
Sapphire Tubes Rods

EFG Sapphire Tubes Product Data Sheet

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Data Sheets

Sapphire is ideal for the precise and demanding requirements of semiconductor manufacturing

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In this article, we outline the properties of sapphire and take a look at how Edge-Fed-Growth is enabling the production of large and complex sapphire

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