CLLB Scintillation Crystal

Gamma Neutron Dual Detection

  • Dual gamma/neutron detection
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • SiPM compatible

CLLB [Cs2LiLaBr6(Ce)] is a gamma-neutron scintillation detector that is well suited for many different classes of handheld instruments. Using Pulse Shape Discrimination electronics for Neutron Detection, customers can eliminate the need for an additional set of electronics and 3He detector. With dual gamma/neutron detection and an energy resolution of 4%, CLLB scintillator offers a dramatic change in what is capable in a handheld instrument.

In the past, you needed both an 3He and NaI(Tl) detector to detect gamma and neutron.  CLLB is now your compact dual gamma neutron detector solution.

We have been manufacturing CLLB detectors since 2017.

PSD to show separation between Gamma / Neutron pulses

CLLB Pulse shape discrimination to show separation between Gamma / Neutron pulses
Material Properties
Typical Data CLLB
Energy resolution [%] @ 662 keV 4.0%
Wavelength of emission max [nm] 420
Decay time 180ns (61%) / 1080ns (39%)
Light Output 40,000 ph/MeV
Density 4.2g/cc
Hygroscopic Yes
SiPM Compatible Yes
GRR 10-7
Packaging Options

CLLB is hygroscopic and must be hermetically sealed.  Cs2LiLaBr6:Ce (CLLB), will always be packaged with a light sensor to maintain the integrity of this hermeticity.

CLLB integrated with a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) light sensor is under development.

Typical Sizes

1” diameter x 1” long

1.5” diameter x 1.5” long

2” diameter x 2” long

It's What's Inside that Counts!

Diane Fruehauf, Application and Technology Manager talks about the advantages of NaIL and CLLB dual detection scintillators

Data Sheets

CLLB Dual Detection Scintillator Material Data Sheet

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